Standard Engineering provides other aircon related services like replacement of parts and aircon relocation services to our customers as a value added services. Our technicians are well trained and equipped with latest technology to provide you a solutions on the spot. Our technician team has a wide knowledge in the air con problems which can be solved immediately. We do full set of cabling works which is required for air con like casing and drain pipe installation to HDB , BTO , Condominium & private House in Singapore Island.


Drainage pipes & Positioning of aircon that are not installed in an appropriate manner can lead to leaking & frequinent calls which leads to time consuming . With professional air conditioning companies taking up your aircon installation, you can avoid a lot of problems. We plan out your drainage pipes in detail while ensuring that your walls are not hacked. We understand that an appropriate insulation is also necessary. An improperly placed aircon not only drives up your energy costs, but also leads to bacteria accumulation. Well-installed aircon systems will cool your rooms faster, with reduced stress to your unit, thus preserving the lifespan of your investment. With our technicians installing your aircon appropriately, there will be a decline in the loss of cool air and your cooling will be more cost-efficient. Besides installation, we also offer you an effective after-sales service, thereby helping you to avoid any future problems. Our highly capable and committed workforce will ensure that we provide only the most competent and dependable services to you.


Normal servicing. We service your air conditioner without causing any mess or discomfort to you. Our normal servicing is a powerful way to increase the performance of your unit. Parts replacement. We can help you replace all types of parts, ensuring the smooth working of your air conditioner. Troubleshooting. We have the expertise to troubleshoot air conditioners of different brands. Chemical servicing. We help you have chemical wash, helping you resolve any water leak issue and bad odor. It is a miraculous way to perk up the life of your air conditioner in a trouble freeway. Aircon overhaul. We can help you increase the efficiency and life of your air conditioner with our quality Aircon overhaul service. Gas top up. We help you enjoy coolest and freshest indoor environment with our gas top up service. Normal servicing is essential at least once in 3 months. However, you must also remember that other than getting service to maintain your unit, you never know when you may need repair or other related Aircon services. We know that the needs of customers are diverse. Thatís why at, we offer a complete variety of Aircon servicing that cater to the needs of people facing different air conditioning problems. No matter if you want to get your air conditionerís efficiency checked or if you want simple service to ensure the optimum working of your unit, can do it all for you. Since you can find all kinds of Aircon services with us, you will be able to save much time.


An effective aircon may provide uninterrupted service without disruptions. In order to ensure that your aircon functions efficiently, it requires routine servicing and upgradation. If you do not expend effort in a maintenance contract today, you may face a potential loss of money and even a complete breakdown of your air conditioner. With constant tuning up and servicing, your aircon will gain in terms of efficiency and an increased lifespan. With a properly maintained air conditioner, your house will sustain an appropriate amount of temperature. Our professionals will make sure that you obtain the required assistance to take care of your aircon. By taking care of minute problems, we will help you avoid major repairs and new installation. Thus, we save both your time and money, thus reducing your energy bill. Aircon Yearly Servicing Contract : Your aircon may have a number of issues like Does not cool as well as it could , Has a low coolant level , Debris and dirt clogs the cooling fins , Dirty blower fan filter. All these problems, over the course of time, can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner, thus wearing it out faster. Therefore, you need a regular aircon maintenance contract to assure higher performance and a longer lifespan of your air conditioner. During the cleaning and servicing of your aircon, our experts may also detect potential problems. We will advise you on what is required to be done before they escalate into major issues. A yearly service contract with us is the best way to ensure that your aircon is working and is in top condition. With our maintenance contract, you will be able to enhance your aircon cooling performance, increase the lifespan of your equipment and reduce the operating costs. With us completing work within an agreed period of time and our affordable services, we will assure you the best value for your money!


An effective chemical wash of your airconditioner removes debris, dust and dirt from your units. Thus, your home or commercial establishment will benefit from a cleaner system. A fully functional unit will also ensure that you secure the best performance, with few maintenance calls while ensuring a cool temperature. A poorly maintained airconditioner can circulate harmful airborne agents, thus leading to respiratory problems. Aircon chemical cleaning will safeguard your health and that of your family and co-workers. You will also be able to free up the system passages, vents and ducts, thus resulting in clean air. In addition to ensuring optimal functionality to your system, our professionals will also clean your indoor units with precision.


We make it a priority to offer flexible appointment times to accommodate your unique scheduling needs.